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This was too much for me to absorb after the first viewing. I had to watch it a second time to get it. It kinda felt like standing in the surf and then being hit by a giant wave that knocked me off my feet. That person is extremely dangerous and must be stopped.

As to the religious part, I have never understood how any religion can claim to be the only way. This puzzled me even as a child and I asked my mother what would happen to all the good people in the world that just hadn't ever heard about Jesus. Would they be condemned to burn in hell for eternity?? It just didn't seem right to me that if there was an all loving god, that people who didn't know about Christianity would be doomed, because if god loved everyone why would god damn them for never having heard of Jesus? Religious zealotry in any denomination rules by fear, not love.

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Have you sent this to the DNC? Because this is what ought to be on TV and Youtube - get it viral! This is what I call a hardball truthful display of the hate, stupidity and insanity of the MAGA madness.

I bet this was hard work. I'm impressed. I suggest more. I suggest a wide distribution. I will be sharing. Thank you.

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If ever a “church” should lose its 503(c) status, it’s this one here. This is blatant political talk from a pulpit.

Not just political, also psychopathic, but that’s a whole other ball of navel lint to pick thru. Holy moly! What a nut job!

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Well done, Penfist, you've captured the insanity that millions have embraced.

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