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Rejecting incompetent evil

Unless we are committed to destroying ourselves

This short production took weeks to put together. The reality of the cult leader took multiple generations to spawn. The reality of the mindset that gravitates towards conservatism is much more ancient. That idea that our “simple” way of life should never be questioned. It lacks nuance, and finesse, and any kind of empathy or compassion for others. It is the unflinching dark ugly we embrace or reject. Depending on our willingness to think hard.

Humans. Ugly. Beautiful. I’m showing the ugly at this moment. In this case, the ugly is a bombastic con man named Trump.


I hope you will look deep into the abyss, and then share. It is critical to fight against this sort of simplistic cult thinking and activism. No critical thinking, no human future.

I do not know if we have already moved into too late, but as long as I can breathe in and out, I’m going to battle human ignorance. And mental laziness.

I hope my compilation motivates you or a hundred million others to embrace progress and reject populism. I appreciate having a few hundred million like-minded allies.

Evolving Together
Evolving Together