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Both photos are gut-wrenching.

I don't know why Americans are so apathetic about our diminishing civil rights, economic inequality, weekly mass shootings, rising fascism, collapsing ecosystem, etc, but we are.

We see mass, sustained protests and strikes in other countries, but persuading 50% of the country to vote once every 2 years is a monumental challenge. GenZers are hovering over the abyss, yet only 27% voted in the midterms.

I keep telling people that it can and will get worse unless they fight for change through voting, running for local office, protests, strikes, unionizing, and litigation.

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I am hoping for a "Let them eat cake" moment. When the obscenity of what you have so well described becomes just too much to tolerate.

It will take an orator of powerful skills to speak at the perfect moment - which may occur during a horrific disaster.

I'd like to see someone on the national stage have the guts to demand a clawback of assets. To say that there should be a limit on wealth. To say that nobody deserves more than a billion or half a billion. Pick a number.

How does the richest nation in the history of the planet get away with not providing every kid shelter, food and healthcare?

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