I am glad for your optimism. Clearly you think long and hard about America and this is a reasoned judgment.

I’ve been wrong about a million things in my time, but I was certain there would be no red wave in 2022. It had an internal contraction that the Republicans could not bridge.

To qualify to win a *primary* in a competitive state, a candidate had to be what i call a gorilla. (S)he had to out-MAGA MAGA. Be Trumpier than Trump. Deny the 2020 election results. Only in that way would they get the base’s vote.

But that was a game with sharply diminishing returns. Once the primary was over, maintaining those positions left a candidate with an aspect that frightened reasonable human tendencies way. Witness Website scrubbing, “You misinterpreted what I said”, and non-denial denials that saturated the campaigns of the gorillas.

I couldn’t see how these candidates could win in large numbers. And they didn’t. No red wave.

Other random predictions I’ll bind myself to:


Trump will not win the Republican candidacy for 2024.


Warnock will demolish Walker (relatively speaking), winning by at least 4 points.


The militias are done, as a potent force - for 10 years max.


Biden has been a magnificent President. Period. Barring a crisis that emerges in 2024 and is long lasting and serious, he will not win another term. Age.

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I have so many passionate thoughts reading this. I hope our species has a future is the primary one. Trump has never been a winner, which is why he attracted so many loud-ass losers. Thank you so much for your reasoned comment.

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I like number 1 and agree.

I hope number 2 comes true.

Number 3, not convinced. I think they will quietly rally and build numbers. This war is not over by any stretch.

Number 4? I hope Biden is convinced (by Jill?) to not run again. I love the guy. He has saved us. He has returned us to a level of international respect. He has repaired so much of the TFG damage.

But we need younger voters. Gen Y and Z may be apathetic when it comes to supporting an 80+ year old dude. He's terrific but we need a younger charismatic candidate to attract these voters who are mostly in our camp of tolerance and social justice.

JMO, I could be wrong. It happens all the time. Just ask my wife :)

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I've been wrong about more things than I've been right about in life. Ask anyone I've married or dated ;)

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4. hahahahahhahahahaha times infinity

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