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I'm not sure that I agree with your thesis...clearly, your experience is valid, but there are scientists who are people of faith. There are atheists who are cruel and vindictive.

Perhaps unquestioning faith or blind obedience gives rise to cognitive dissonance, but I don't think faith itself should be demonized.

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As a survival tool, after many years of wondering why people believe in a magic man in the sky and all things being created in a week and the denial of endless serious efforts by scientists...I have on occasion simply turned to an analogy to make the point and have some good times along the way.

According to Pastafarians, the world we know was created in a drunken moment by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Nobody ever died in his name. But they have had some great meals and the beer never stops flowing. We are allowed to mock the elements and beliefs of other religions. But we have to be nice to everyone. Our only dogma is that there can be no dogma.

He boiled for our sins!

Where is the FSM now? Once he sobered up, he realized the whole project was riddled with mistakes. And he flew away - never to be seen again. Although some claim there have been "sightings". I think he is just off having a saucy good time.

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