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You've fought a war on the foreign front, and a different battle on the domestic front.

Now that your student loan and disability issues have been resolved, how do you approach your life?

Are you focused on helping others, embodying your role as a writer, setting goals for the next chapter of your life, or is navigating daily life a continuing (but less fraught) struggle?

Perhaps I'm asking (for those still battling) what is on the 'other side'? The answer(s) might help those still navigating the obstacles that you've overcome.

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I wish the like/heart icon thing was more of a symbol of support. How can we "like" 30,000 service members commiting suicide?

I applaud your discussion of this reality. I condemn the society that just treats Vets as collateral damage for bullshit political mistakes.

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I don’t have PTSD to the extent that it hinders my life in any significant way. I would have said I don’t have it at all, until one night at work. I had been divorced 15 years by then... I was working service in a kitchen on campus. We cleaned the kitchen and dining area. A coworker had some kind of anger fit and started shouting and throwing pots and pans in the dish room as I passed, I broke into a sweat, my heart rate increased and I moved as far away as I could as quickly as I could, to a dark dining area, before I could examine my response... and realized this is PTSD.

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