Aug 26 • 2M

Audio Memory #1 - Sunflower Man

A flashback to 2006 and Baghdad

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Evolving Together, where we discuss the future of humanity, whether things are moving in the right direction, and why embracing positive changes is good for our species and every other species we share the planet with.
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Ali wasn’t his name. I hope he survived to the present, and even thrived. The Middle East is not a kind place. In my deepest self, I know I was not part of the solution. Human self-deception is a flaw that we haven’t yet solved.

This is a flower that sunflower man tended with great care. Location: Outside the CPIC, MNFI-Iraq. Date: May 17, 2006.

I hope we can. Failure to solve that cognitive deficit will destroy our tiny ball of rock and all of us with it.

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