Hmmm. Very interesting. We certainly need to identify these bad actors.

"Personal charisma" might be viewed differently than the provided definition. None of the candidates currently fit that. And DeSantis fails badly here.

But there is what I call "dark appeal". It's when a speaker stirs up long held resentments (bigotry) and conspiracy ideas. And it leads to a favorite human pass time: Blaming Others. Ironically, many (not all) "Christians" seem to enjoy and employ this as a passionate mission - as if directed by "God".

"The Socialists are going to take your money with high taxes!" or "The immigrants will take your jobs!" or "The libtards are killing babies!" Dark falsehoods that stir fear and anger and violence.

Maybe it should be called "religious conning" or "finding the devil"? Whatever...it's really appealing to the dark side of humanity.

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I'm a big fan of Venn diagrams and that's a great one.

Many of your subscribers are savvy, intellectuals who write extremely well. So let me get this out of the way. I'm a idiot when it comes to political maneuvering. I just don't see the machinations until somebody hits me over the head. Please hold your fire.

Your diagram is a helpful (and terrifying) addition to what Greg Olear's "Prevail" hit me over the head with last Sunday. (See https://gregolear.substack.com/p/sunday-pages-down-the-shore?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email)

"... One of the many unpleasant consequences of Trump’s presidency was the willful politicization of entertainment. He wanted us to never not think of him. He wanted to infect our thoughts, so we could have no respite. He wanted no safe spaces, anywhere, ever. Our guard was up, always. This is why he bitched and moaned about NFL players kneeling during the anthem. This is why he dispensed his valet…er, his veep, Mike Pence…to baseball games and Broadway musicals. It was strategic. He denied us the luxury of peace and quiet we spoiled Americans take for granted. You know, like strongmen do."

I honestly thought the Trumpeter was just being an a$$. Machiavelli would have eaten me alive.

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Where in the Venn diagram is the dotted line signed by all voters of Donald Trump: Cult of Personality?

I would not think there is personality there. Donald Trump's paper trail extends to the terrific bird-dog muck raking work done by Wayne Barrett of my yoot reading the VILLAGE VOICE.


Back then Donald T.'s father Fred Trump was building his family's wealth by contracting to BIG FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED LOW INCOME HOUSING CONSTRUCTION that was capped by the Democratic Party under Bill Clinton circa 1990's until last year when a new breed of Democrat working in the Public Interest named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez broke from our Duopoly Machine's fealty to Private Interests and managed to get the Clinton era Faircloth Amendment repealed. Worth looking that news report up in Public Interest Media platform Common Dreams.

Despite Trump & Heir to a Huge family fortune that under Donald's management has become a small fortune becoming President in 2016 running against the other Clinton (Hillary) as a SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT GOP candidate in 2016, back circa 1970's and 80's in my well-spent outer boroughs yoot in the Empire State and Bankrupt City's Blue Neo-Liberal Wall Street controlled utterly corrupt political machine the Trumps were back then Democrats (after a fashion) and socially liberal enough to frequent the Studio 54 scene where cocaine and other emoluments were widely shared with those who beat the caste system door policy.

If someone like my former Professor of Cult Dynamics and Formation at U.C.-Berkeley and also a former outer borough New Yorker named Richard Ofshe could explain the Cult of Personality for a devoid of personality poor imitator of Roy Cohn and Il Duce blowhard like Donald Trump this and other endangered republics should be most appreciative.

Health and balance to US all.

Regardless of the proven fallacy of the Reagan-PapiBush-Clinton-ShrubBush-Obama-Biden whose campaigns were all advised by a man for All Larry Summers' economic seasons aphorism and shared campaign slogan that "A rising tide lifts all ships," in fact Michael Ray Richardson the eloquent and concise street-smart N.Y. Knicks hoops star had the reasoning sense to note ahead of these White House renters that "Da ship be sunk."

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters, PsalmSong Chasers

Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)

Media Discussion List\LookseeInnerEarsHearHere

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Nice illustration. No one comes to mind just now that fits all the criteria you listed.

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Typo Alert: Replace "tenants" with tenets cuz da rent is too damn high in religion....

Health and balance

Tio Mitchito

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