I am a staunch atheist and a mild anti-theist. I logically and rationally attack faith in all its forms because faith believes in something for which no evidence or data exists, and that is dangerous to the self and others. I believe I have a duty to call out the malignant aspects of religion, and I do that frequently.

No ideas are off-limits

Nothing is taboo, but everything is subject to self-improvement. Tribes are not welcome here. Humans who are interested in making the species better inclusively are.

Promote human welfare while improving yourself

If you want to be more engaged in ideas about what it means to be human and what comes next for all of us, this is an excellent place to start.

Who am I?

I’m a writer with a master’s degree in management of information systems who is working on a master’s degree in psychology (two classes left). With a background in military journalism, I’m profoundly curious about the world around me. I want to understand why things are the way they are, and I want to make them better - existence is amazing, and it should be fully explored.

Pen's many facesPen's many facesPen's many faces
Pen's many facesPen's many facesPen's many faces
Pen's many facesPen's many facesPen's many faces
Pen's many faces

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This is a journey to becoming more thoughtful. If you seek meaning and purpose, join us. We’re on a journey that leads inward and outward simultaneously.

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I write and make videos about technology, politics, philosophy, religion, and culture. Basically, I write about the human condition - where we are now and where I envision us going and growing.