We have a new president but we also

need to clean up a malignant narcissist’s shit show

Many people think that Donald Trump is a sociopath. I believe him to be a malignant narcissist. It really does not matter which of these definitions fits him better. The whole world knows that he is a loser. Donald knows he is a loser even though he will not say it out loud.

Trump cannot admit to being what he is: a human garbage pile of festering nonsense. He will not leave the White House quietly. He will not be graceful. He will leave kicking and screaming like the old man baby that he is. His cult will not disband after his term ends, nor will they suddenly wake up to reality when he passes into death. We need to help that process along. By that I mean we need to help deprogram the cult.

Donald Trump does not have a relationship with reality. He is pathologically incapable of changing this fact. Many of his defenders seem to be in the same predicament to one degree or another. Donald Trump is a cult of nonsense.

Joe Biden has won the presidency. But the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is attempting a coup in plain sight. “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” he tweeted on Saturday morning.

Bullshit. Just like Trump’s whole life has been bullshit. He was a con artist when he arrived at Pennsylvania Avenue and he will be a con artist when he gets dragged off the property.

This is a dangerous moment in the United States, which is not united. Although Trump did not create the two-Americas paradox on his own, he has enough savvy as a con man to know that it exists and to try and take advantage of that.

Trump has managed to take a corrupt Republican Party and turn it into an agency for pure evil. This is ironic when you consider Trump’s most loyal base of followers is the evangelical Christian component of voters. That is because Christians are the most gullible, fantasy-prone group that exists in the USA.

Even if Mr. Trump dropped dead of his lifestyle choices one hour from the time I post this essay, the Republican party will still be the corrupt, spineless agency of evil that Trump has made it. The average Republican voter will still not trust legitimate news sources, will still think that Sean Hannity is a truth-teller, will still insist that obvious nonsense is grounded in hard evidence without being able to articulate what any of that evidence is.

Trump has taken a country that was polarized and moved it to the brink of civil war. Republican criminals enabled him to walk down this path.

I remember their names.

There are hundreds of others. They are all criminals who enabled a criminal. I will be naming them, and naming their specific actions.

Trump is not done. As long as he lives, he will act as a toxin in the bloodstream of American democracy. Let’s put him in a cage where he belongs, so he can at least be counted on to poison us a little less with his daily spew of lies and mental illness.

Once he is in a cage and off social media, we can begin the journey towards helping his 70 million dupes get out of their mental fog and back into reality.