I really enjoy reading your writing.

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You said this: "In a truly free society, it should be illegal to indoctrinate children into any single religion."

Pakistan? Sure. I've lived there. However, citing one country as a way to make an absolute assertion is disingenuous. Pakistan is basically a hellhole for women, yet you don't call out the misogyny there. If you want to discuss Islam's misogyny, I suggest Mona el-Tahawy's blog, Feminist Giant. Stop the fixation on insisting Islam is violent, and focus on its misogyny. And don't include Saudi Arabia in your list of evil Muslims - what they practice is not true Islam but a malevolent bastardization based on a screwball extremism that began in the 1920's. In fact, neither Pakistan nor KSA practice true Islam but have found that it's a convenient way to practice political and social violence against those who refuse to comply with social norms, especially women.

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"One reason for the rapid growth of Islam is that it is the only major faith that spreads itself using violence and coercion."

Bullshit. I'm so sorry that you have revealed yourself to be an Islamophobic bore. You're happy to spread the "violent religion" crap to entertain your audience.

Get started on learning instead of spreading rubbish. https://yaqeeninstitute.org/read/paper/the-issue-of-apostasy-in-islam

As for your request to interview me for a podcast, forget it. It's one thing to discuss religion, but quite another to spew ignorance and untruths and call it knowledge.

Wow, less than 24 hours after subscribing, I am cancelling.

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