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Emily Atkin writes about climate change. Today, she is calling out companies that are enabling a possible continuation of disastrous Republican “leadership” in the Senate.

Since Election Day, signatories including Microsoft, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and General Motors have contributed thousands of dollars to the high-stakes re-election bids of Senators Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA)—races which will determine control of the Senate.

Ignoring climate change, and the impact of human activity on the biosphere will kill off a lot of people. If species extinction does not bother you, do nothing. Or, you can demand accountability.

The party of denying reality needs to be brought down. Quickly. Go read. If you are not enraged and engaged towards action then you do not belong here.

If you care, donate to these campaigns if you can.


So much of what the next six years will look like depends on the outcome of these run-off elections. Georgia, my former home state, will be the place where America decides whether we want to allow Republicans to continue their lying, hypocritical, self-delusional, and tragically suicidal march towards species annihilation. The party of magical thinking must be stopped. You have a role to play in what the future looks like.

We managed to elect Joe Biden. Now let’s get him a majority in the Senate so he can achieve the necessary changes to undo damage the party of the con has done.

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