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Your posts are frequently agonizing for me. Not just because of your struggle and pain which hurts my heart and churns my gut, but also because some of the years I raised my children I was entrenched in the cult of christianity. I'm ashamed and mourn some things I exposed them to. My mind didn't clear until I worked closely with several churches and their leadership. After getting a good look behind the curtain I couldn't get far enough away from anyone with a bible. None of us now are practicing any type of organized religion. My kids are left with a distaste for religion. I'm not an angry atheist but I AM angry. Yes, there are some compassionate and loving people inside organized religion. But they are far outnumbered and many who appear compassionate and loving ... actually aren't. Kind people spouting sanctimonious bs is the official uniform of the day, every day. That is what my experience taught me. Yes, they were just a portion of church-goers but it's the same portion fighting for the steering wheel in America today.

I'm grateful to hear your point of view because it reminds me to reassess. I never want to fall into anyone's hive mind again. The stab of your pen helps keep me honest with myself. Thank you.

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I too have been angry about what religion has done to us as a species. Maybe the fact that I was that "angry atheist" at a very young age meant that I worked through it earlier.

But it is so complicated. There are examples of religious people and organizations that are compassionate and loving. And yet if we look around the world, so much of the violence and carnage is launched from a religious platform.

I admire your examination of the subject. But you know already that when we let the enemy occupy too much our brains, we have given them control.

Peace, brother.

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I, too struggle with your posts. They’re so very raw and relatable to many of us. Many carry these same wounds with different levels of pain and different manifestations. Your bravery of expression is notable. For myself, lately, as a healing practice, I have been listening to The Growing Edge, a podcast by Parker Palmer and Carrie Newcomer. Once a month, since July 2018, they’ve engaged in a conversation... about soul growth... we are carrying anger, not only from before, but it’s compounded by the recent traumatic past... we need to proceed with compassion for ourselves and others... these are deeply troubling times... and we’re all in it together. Let’s try to be caring for each other.

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Here is a link to the first podcast https://overcast.fm/+OGz_wFatQ

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm thrilled to be here and be a part of these meaningful discussions. Exploring politics, psychology, and philosophy through a humanist's progressive lens sounds fascinating and important. I'm looking forward to engaging in the ongoing conversations and sharing insights from various perspectives.

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