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One thing about extreme wealth that frustrates me is that it is simply greedy. I mean, how much money does a person need? The obscenely wealthy have more money than they can spend but they seem to be laser-focused on getting more money. The only way I can even approach understanding this is thinking that the money isn't their true objective, power and influence seem to be what they want. A simple way to defuse "demonize and dehumanize" would be to live by the golden rule but I'm not holding my breath.

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I agree wholeheartedly. After a certain amount of obscene wealth, power and control is all that matters. How much gold-leafed toilet paper can a person use in one lifetime?

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A very select few humans currently control the fate of all the rest of us. Unacceptable.

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Regarding the top 1% ers, - "They tacitly support poverty because it lifts their bottom line" is on the money. There certainly appears to be a consensus among the wealthy elite. Don't make any big waves because the system is working - for us. As educational standards give way to more profit driven agendas, we're going to see more and more economically depressed people voting against their own self interests. Very discouraging.

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This is a brilliant analysis and assessment of America today.

The fact that the disenfranchised have embraced "othering" versus harvesting the stolen wealth of oligarchs suggests two things.

First, they have been artfully hoodwinked by the Lords.

Second, the 4th Estate is not doing its job which telling the truth about the theft.

I look forward to more of your thoughts!

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