Capitalism has been unleashed in a manner that thoughtful observers should be horrified by.

I spent a career in "business". And always worried a bit by government over reach.

Now I see that the threat is clearly an unregulated system that rewards stockholders and oligarchs at the expense of the rest of us.

Most of us are now just peasants living in a world run by the lords of tech and finance.

We are the tools and the puppets. Musk, Bezos and company need to be reigned in. Taxed enormously and regulated thoroughly.

Good article. Thanks for posting it.

There should be alarms going off everywhere.

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The "peasant" class is growing as quickly as the vast and obscene wealth hoards of our corporate overlords. Yes, they should be taxed. No one needs a billion dollars.

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While I agree that tech companies are guided solely by profits (as are airlines, food & beverage, entertainment, etc), I don't think we're remotely close to sentient AI.

The hype massively outweighs the reality even for the current brand of AI products. It's a relentless picture of a future reality where all the limitations and constant glitches/hallucinations/errors of AI have been magically eradicated.

I'm far more concerned about water supplies, food quality/availability, and the unchecked rise of authoritarianism.

People can leave social media platforms...it's a choice to remain. People can ignore AI-generated responses to search inquiries, and focus on trusted sources.

AI will play a role in the future, but the extent is likely far less than the hype.

People have agency...I hope they'll choose to exercise ii.

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Are there any trusted sources left, HW? The "news" is as algorithm driven as anything these days. I cannot think of a single news outlet that does not slant reporting towards one oligarch or another, based on stakeholders demands, and billionaire's whims.

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I don't rely on legacy media...their political and business reporting are as myopic and biased as their tech and foreign affairs reporting.

I focus on specialized publications, with experts I trust, and local reporters in areas of conflict.

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