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Interview with Dr. Darrel Ray

Founder, Recovering From Religion and the Secular Therapy Project

I stepped far outside my comfort zone to find people who believe as I do or are at least closely aligned with my worldview.

And there they were, at the American Humanist Association’s 82nd Annual Conference (my first as an attendee). I stepped out of my armored, cautious existence and tried to be the potential I have always had.

Thus the first of three interviews I obtained just by asking is now being shared.

Relevant links:

Recovering from Religion

Secular Therapy Project

I have two more video interviews to post and many more thoughts to share about what I experienced at the conference.

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For total transparency, I am someone who was traumatized by Christianity. I am now working through a childhood filled with my doubts and lack of faith being dismissed and second-guessed. My desired end state would be to let go of the deep-seated resentment I feel related to having a very rigid set of ideas forced on me against my will.

Evolving Together
Evolving Together