A malignant tumor on the American body

Conservatives: they want to force you to be small-minded and ignorant just like them

The year is turning over again soon. Madness still runs rampant. The cultists are still placating the mad king’s delusions. It is a despondent thing to be rational during this collective delusion called America.

The president in waiting has a huge problem. Rather, he has more than 70 million problems. Those who have departed from or who were never tethered to reality in the first place are the real danger in the land.

There are many problems in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Chief among them is the toxicity of the two-party system and the hypocrisy of the dying conservative party, which is dying because evil eats itself, and the Republican party, whatever it may have been in past iterations, has turned evil.

It has become the party of rich, lying hypocrites and weak, easily fooled, delusional conspiracy theorists who will buy any zany idea you can cook up and defend it to the death because maybe that is better for their addled brains than staring reality in the face.

They do not want to see the history of systemic racism. They do not want to see that the United States is still reckoning with the tragic and abominable legacy of chattel slavery. They cannot fathom the cruelty involved with having the most wealth of any nation that exists concentrated in so few hands that millions of people who live within its borders are hungry and suffering needlessly from lack of access to mental and physical health care.

They chant about American greatness without any inkling of what human greatness should look like. They are banal and spittle flecked. Decked out in the red, white, and blue while having sacrificed nothing to the vision of America where everyone has basic needs met. That is not the America they want.

They believe in the great ugliness that America once was and still is and they will gnaw on your face or hang you from a tree or beat you down in the streets to prove that true greatness lies in being as small-minded and ignorant as your own ancestors.

Tribalism, to them, does not rot the human soul. It is the human soul. I find that disgusting. Conservatives are a malignant tumor on the neck of human greatness.