Hello fellow pandemic humans. We live in stupid times.

Perhaps not the stupidest times in recorded history, but during a pandemic it is the ignorant that spread death fast and furious. Denial is not a prophylactic against dying for a pointless, idiotic reason.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, which to an atheist like myself does not mean much. A lot of people are not atheists. Many Americans, in their ignorance and programmatic human algorithms, think Easter is an especially meaningful point in the universal space-time continuum. Dumb but true.

As I am writing these words, worldwide coronavirus cases are rapidly approaching 2 million. That may seem paltry to some. For the 108,822 people who have died from the disease as of today (and that's just the numbers being reported) it probably did not seem paltry as they were slipping away into oblivion.

No deity shielded those 108,822 people and the idiot president of the U.S. continued being the most ineffective elected official who is likely to appear on the world stage in this century.

"Satan and a virus will not stop us," said Tony Spell of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Idiots like Tony Spell make or break the amount of time the pandemic will continue to be a pandemic and if anyone is helping an imaginary being called Satan out it is people who think like this guy. Unfortunately there are a lot of those people. Especially in the United States. Which is why Trump got elected. Trump being the ineffectual and malignant president is why the USA is currently number one by three times the next three closest countries combined in regards to infections.

"We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much." All I am thinking is what fucking prompted people to vote for this shithead? And it always circles back to those who think this pathologically malignant narcissistic was ordained by sky daddy. Despite or perhaps because of the fact that he's a lifetime loser and liar of epic proportions.

God certainly does not seem to be shielding Trump's cultish supporters from his immense stupidity and lack of ability to form any coherent semblance of a leadership response to the virus that is ravaging and destroying lives. To me it seems obvious that there is no invisible hand guiding human affairs from a mysterious place and with unknowable intent. I realize that my conclusions make me unpopular in certain circles. I often remain quiet about my views because conflict is conflict and choosing when to fight is a life skill that engenders survival into old age. I have not lived through a pandemic and I may not survive my first one. What I have decided is that I am going to fight. Fiercely.

These people who are insisting that no one and nothing can stop them from celebrating their imaginary sky daddy are too stupid not to call out. You evangelicals and zealots are also murderers. What's it going to take to get you to stop killing yourselves and dragging your fellow humans into ignorant, unnecessary deaths along with you? There is no afterlife, no God, and no Satan. These are purely human inventions and they are not worth dying prematurely for. They are not worth rotting in a mass grave for.

Time will tell the story of Tony Spell and other megachurch murderers. It remains to be seen how many people Mr. Spell will kill with his ignorant beliefs. Human stupidity and cognitive dissonance can numb us to reality or cause us to voluntarily exit life early. Sometimes, with a little help from people who pretend to be our friends, we exit early involuntarily. This makes me angry and willing to fight. This is my gospel.

Stay safe and social distance yourself from the chronically stupid (and everyone else too). If you are religious I understand why faith brings comfort and want you to know this post is not written to offend you. Unless your name is Tony Spell or you voted for Donald Trump. In either of those cases I hope you are absolutely offended. Because you are dangerous to the continuance of the human species and I enjoy being alive and having other humans around.

I publish once a week barring death from COVID-19 or some other circumstance. If you know someone who might enjoy my thoughts please let them know about Evolving Together.